Selling Your Homes

There are five factors that influence the sale of property:

  • Competing homes in the marketplace
  • Price
  • Property condition
  • Timing
  • Marketing

The single most important decision you will make is determining the right asking price for your property.

Buy, Then Sell Or Sell, Then Buy?

Selling before you buy eliminates the financial risk of having to pay two mortgages plus taxes, insurance and utilities for a time period. Additionally, unless you qualify for interim financing, your lender may require that you sell your home before granting financing on your new home.

Buying before you sell can be an option if financially it works for you, it can give you the peace of mind of knowing where you are moving to.

Azmy’s goal is to bring you the highest possible price for your home, under the most favorable terms, in the least amount of time, with minimum inconvenience.

As your Realtor Azmy will:

  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis on your home or property to determine an accurate value
  • Do a pre-sale walk through with you an make suggestions on how to prepare your home for sale
  • Help with staging your home for sale to show it off the best it can be
  • Determine the best strategy for marketing your home or property
  • Accurately measure your home
  • Quality photos of your home and property
  • Prepare a marketing plan that includes a schedule for listing, showing and advertising your property
  • Color brochures and feature sheets
  • Schedule appointments for other Agents to show your home
  • Show your home to potential buyers
  • Find the right buyer for your home from one of many sources, including:
    • MLS System
    • Buyer’s Agents
    • Web Site
    • Present prospects
    • Advertisements
    • “For Sale” sign
    • Referrals from past clients
    • Open House
  • Keep you informed throughout the entire real estate sale process
  • Negotiate the best price and terms possible
  • Communicate with the Buyer’s Agent for a successful closing of the transaction
  • Finalize all the paperwork

Thinking of Selling your home on your own, there are many disadvantages to this approach:

  • You are responsible for the entire transaction, including marketing your property, negotiating the purchase, and handling the paperwork. Do you know the laws and regulations governing real estate sales? Do you know what the major elements of an offer include?
  • You have to do your own market research to determine your home’s value.
  • You must create your own marketing plan and decide how you will handle inquiries from prospective buyers or their agents.
  • You must prepare your home for sale by arranging for pre-sale repairs, inspections and other necessary services.
  • You field all buyer inquiries, show the house yourself, handle all negotiations and move the paperwork through the transaction.
  • You pay for the buyer’s agent’s services unless the buyer is working alone.
  • You must deal with the risk of opening your home to complete strangers.
  • It is unlikely that you will “save” the cost of a AGENT’s fee because most buyers will deduct a real estate commission from a homeowner’s asking price when making their offer.

When Selling Your Home

  • Keep it clean.
  • Freshen a prominent room’s décor with a coat of paint or new floor covering if the room shows signs of wear.
  • Make necessary repairs. Make sure outlets work, toilets flush and windows and doors open and shut smoothly. All heating equipment and appliances should work.
  • Clean windows

Before going to the expense of any renovations or upgrades call Azmy first to be sure it is money well spent.

Must Do When Showing Your Home

  • Keep landscaping and flower beds tidy
  • Keep the porch, foyer and garage clean and tidy
  • Clean appliances, counter tops, halls, stairs, mirrors, fixtures, taps and floors
  • Keep closets and cupboards neat and tidy
  • Turn all lights on for showings
  • Open drapes during daylight
  • Although all viewers are screened, it is best to lock up jewelry and valuables-especially small items that easily fit in pockets

Closing Your Sale

  • Make sure all deadlines are met
  • Meet with your lawyer
  • Make repairs promptly
  • Satisfy legal requirements
  • Arrange for your loan payoff