Discreet Sales

What is it about ?

Discreet Marketing is an industry phrase that you may not have heard of. It refers to properties that are available to buy, but not advertised via MLS, Google, TV or any other public media.

Why do people want to sell without any public advertising?

The motivation for keeping a property sale private can be for a number of reasons.  After all, by publicly advertising it would make sense you get more buyers, word of mouth etc.

Below is a list of reasons:

Ease Disruption To Children/Family, Tenants and Staff.

This goes without saying by advertising in the public domain a stranger could come up to the business and mention the sale.

Imagine if your tenants had just spent thousands in renovations or, are wondering if they should renew the lease.

Most sellers would rather be the first to tell the aforementioned group rather than them having to find out through “the Grapevine.”

Getting The Price Right

Discreet marketing allows YOU to test the price of a property. I will selectively arrange viewings with suitable buyers, feedback from which can guide you.

Stops the Gossip

In small communities people prefer  to avoid frequent questions and conversations with their neighbours about their reason for moving.

Public Advertising needs photos.

In some cases tools and equipment are trades secrets.  If the business has proprietary methods they do not want competitors seeing that.

Also, when selling your property some people are not comfortable about displaying the personal possessions to the general public.

Only Interested In Quality Buyers

In my experience most people who go thus route don’t want to waste time with lots of viewings and only want buyers who are in a good position to purchase.

How are you able to do this ?

The answer is simple in 22 + years I have amassed a vast array of clients who are looking to buy.  They would prefer quick and easy sales without the hassle of waiting in line.