My system for ensuring your investment dollars

“When shopping for properties, I believe you should buy them for what they are worth and, not what others say they are worth.”


Over the years I have continuously developed a system, which I use to evaluate properties as follows:

  • Platinum (Rare)– yields the highest and they don’t go on the market much- perhaps once every 5 to 10 years. They are usually commercial.
  • Gold (Rare)– They can be commercial or residential. In terms of investment returns they could be rewarding.
  • Silver– is almost always available.   These properties can hold their value regardless of the economic conditions.
  • Bronze– Could cause a loss in your assets.  As such, I recommend against buying them.


I have discovered that almost 80% of properties that come on the market are Bronze.  It is these that I try to steer my clientele away from.  At any given time 5%-20% of the properties on the market would meet the needs of my Silver criteria or better.  These could maximize the appreciation and you would need to act quickly as these do not stay on the market for long.


As a first time buyer or investor I can help you protect your investment. It all depends on what your needs are and what fits you. I understand that it sometimes takes longer to find the qualities and prerequisites of a property that meet these criteria and meets your needs.


REMEMBER:  In the end, you know how you did – not when you buy but, when you sell. This a direct reflection if your realtor has the expertise and the knowledge.