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I would like to list

You may send me your details and the property information using this form.  Please ensure that you let me know how you would be like to be contacted and when.  

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Maximizing the Value of your home when you sell

“These small steps take time but they can also have a huge impact on buyers and won’t cost you a fortune. Every house is different but buyers have common expectations.  Before deciding on repairs and staging tricks you want please contact me as years of experience have…

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Discreet Sales

What is it about ? Discreet Marketing is an industry phrase that you may not have heard of. It refers to properties that are available to buy, but not advertised via MLS, Google, TV or any other public media. Why do people want to sell without any public…

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Marketing Commercial Properties

When marketing your property – the right audience is the key. In my experience the best ways to advertise your property is to use Pillar 9 (MLS) and social media marketing. My skills and expertise make it easy for me to share information on your property any…

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