Azmy Yacoub Investment Realtor almost an Encyclopedia in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Licensed Realtor for 26 years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I love to sell the best and this really defines who I am, my consciences and convictions usually rule me and guide me.

I have created my own data base that has 75% (Strip Malls and Retail Freestanding Buildings) and 20% of Multi Family and 5% Industrial Buildings. 

I am able to select properties that will yield maximum appreciation for you.

I have skills, expertise, and capabilities to find out if there are Environmental issues or Road Widening Issues that can avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Who Am I ?

The greatest investment that you can ever invest in is a life that pleases King Jesus!

Repent and surrender your life to Christ!

Azmy Yacoub is an Investment Realtor with a heart for Jesus.
Ask God for his Heart
and to only want Him
watch what Jesus will do!

My competitive Advantage:

For 26 years I have been a licensed Realtor,
in the Province of Alberta, Canada

I am able to select Commercial or Residential properties that can yield maximum Appreciation.

I have created my own database of the owners of 70% of the Strip Malls and Retail Free Standing Building in Calgary and 20% of Multi-Family Properties.

I can maximize your Investment dollars through Commercial or Residential properties.

I am able to select properties that will yield maximum appreciation for you.

I research every property to discover if there are any Environmental or Road widening issues.

Potentially, saving YOU thousands of dollars by avoiding a major depreciation of the value of the property .


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